Outlook 2003 Troubleshooting

Outlook 2003 was debuted in November 2003 with an ability to publish the calendar in the internet calendar format to Microsoft office online. Also, the Failure of sending and receiving Email error in Outlook 2003 compelled users resort to Microsoft troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting in Outlook 2003

  • Update Outlook– Due to some outdated features, Outlook denies performing functionally well that includes failure of sending or receiving emails that cause resentment among the users. For removing this annoying error, download the latest service pack for Outlook 2003 from the official website of Microsoft or you could simply contact Outlook tech support for instructions to update it.
  • Slow Speed– Due to multiple active add-ons or extensions, the speed of the Outlook application becomes slower to the extent that one is unable to even send an Email. To ramp up the speed of the application, disable all the extensions which are not in use at the moment or the best option is to remove all the extensions that are useless.
  • Delete profile- It is easy to create a profile in outlook, but at the same time, it is difficult to delete the profile. If Outlook is associated with a POP account, then the current inbox would need to be exported as data files which could be reimported after the POP account would be re-created. If Outlook is connected to either Email exchange server or IMAP account then it is not a big deal to add and delete a profile. For deleting a profile, open the control panel; go to email; click on the profile; delete the profile.
  • Calendar permission adjustment- If someone sends an invitation for others to use his/her calendar, but if others are unable to edit the calendar then you need to change their permissions. Open calendar in Outlook and press right click on the shared calendar, now, go to properties and then go to permission tab. Add users to give them specific authority to users from reading to editing. This would allow users to make certain changes according to his/her need.

Why Troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting takes the path of difficulty to the path of happiness by providing necessary solutions to all problems that arise while using Outlook. The problems are not just limited to the mentioned problems, but they cover a wide range of issues which could be dealt in order to avoid the accumulated issues that arise due to overlooking the issue. So, if you encounter a hostile problem then do not hesitate to pay a visit to Outlook customer service.